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Codea (a portmanteau of "code" and "idea" [1][2], earlier "Codify") is a Lua code editor for iOS which game designers, educators and students can use to create games and experiment with visual ideas. It has been firstly released by Two Lives Left on 26th of October, 2011 [3]. The name "Codea" was given on 1st of December, 2011 [1].

Codea is designed for rapidly prototyping ideas allowing users to create and play interactive games and simulations directly on their devices [4]. Finished projects can be exported directly from the app to Xcode. It is closely related to the Processing programming language, using many of the same methods for drawing functions as found in Processing [5].

Codea Talk is the Discussion Forum of the Codea Community. It is the primary place where Codea users exchange code, ask for and receive help and discuss the updates of Codea.

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